Fasting Guide

The Lead-up – Prepare your body to go water only by applying these practices 2 day’s prior to the fast. Eat a primarily whole food plant-based ketogenic vegetarian diet leading up to the fast. Try to avoid heavy meat consumption and heavy carb consumption. Drink plenty of water and get well mineralized check out my article “your body is a battery” on how to properly mineralize your body. The day before going water only try to go liquids only like smoothies and low sugar protein shakes, soups and or egg whites. This is very important for when you enter your fast, make sure there is no food sitting in your stomach when starting day 1. This is very important that way you get your full 1-7 day experience. The night prior to the fast I recommend that you go to bed on an empty stomach. This will make the first day a lot easier to deal with and will help with the insane cravings you will get on the first day. If you go into the fast with still digesting food you will have a miserable experience and you will want to slap me across the face for even sharing this with you. I will give you 3 options you can go with when it comes to fasting water only down below.

Beginner : 1-2 days I’m going to give you two options here you can go liquids only including green smoothies with no sugar, black coffee, tea, any liquid of your choice that is low in carbs and 0 sugar. The other option is to go to the next level which is just water only for your first 1-2days. Be prepared to go to war with your thoughts, emotions and mind. I recommend having things planned out where you won’t think of food to much. You can also emerge yourself in work, journaling, writing, coloring, hangout with others and or working out. If you really want to face the fast head-on stay in your house all day turn off all electronics and fight through your pain, sorrows, regrets, childhood trauma, etc because they will all come to the forefront during your fast. You will have to deal with these issues at some point and the longer you stuff away the pain and avoid it the longer these issues will linger around. I personally like to go deep into the pain and uncover the subconscious issues that may still be lingering around in my mind. When I did a 7 day fast I went all out and trapped myself in a flotation tank for 2 hours straight! It was just me and my thoughts. I went to scary places but came out stronger! Expect the 24-48hr fast to be really difficult. If its your first time it will be pretty challenging, you may get headaches but that’s all apart of the experience and detox process. The more you do them the more resilient you will become and you will be able to go longer the next time you do it I like to do these at least 1 time per month. Listen to your intuition always if you need to eat than do it, if your intuition is telling you to go longer do it, when you seriously need to eat your body will let you know it will be very clear. You won’t die from not eating for 1-2 days people have gone 10x longer (not recommended) It’s been reported that a Scottish man Angus Barbieri (1939 – 7 September 1990) fasted for 382 days. He lived on tea, coffee, soda water and vitamins, living at home in Tayport, Scotland, and frequently visiting Maryfield Hospital for medical evaluation. We was extremely over wight and thats mainly why we was able to go that long with so few calories. My point here is 1-2 days wont kill you.

Intermediate : Three days is really the sweet spot when starting A longer than normal fast in my opinion it takes about 3 days to even feel what a prolonged fast has to offer. On the third day, all hunger is gone your energy levels skyrocket and you begin to clear out the brain fog and plaque holding you back. The 3 day fast can be done quarterly. This 3 day fast should be done with water only to get the full effects if your jumping straight into a 3 day fast for the first time you can consume black coffee, green juices, magnesium supplements, sea salts, and electrolytes. For a more profound deeper experience, I recommend going the full 3 days water only. Only do the 3 day fast if you are at a healthy weight or overweight. If your underweight I never recommend fasting more than 1 day. You will shed off weight like nothing else and it can be very dangerous if you are underweight. The feeling on the third day is liberating your mental clarity will be back to when you were a child you will be more connected to the greater power, you will find out how much of a crutch food is, you will be able to work longer hours, you will get better workouts at the gym, its pretty profound, aches and pains that you may have had for a long time will go away, you will enter your innate healing process that all of us have within. If we are just able to rest all things are possible. You will feel really happy, your brain will come to balance, your brain chemistry will repair itself and you will be ready to take on your new reality. You will get high on your own supply and have deeper meditation practices, you will feel more connected to all things and you will be able to manifest the things you want in your life faster. Your payers will be heard and you will feel unstoppable. 

Advanced : The 7 day water-only fast is the furthest I personally would recommend you go. The 7-day water fast is pretty self explanatory. It 7 full days with water only no food, supplements, or drinks other than water. You will experience deep internal work and conflict. It will be pretty challenging physically mentally and spiritually. Only do the 7-day water fast if you consider yourself to be a healthy weight or overweight. You will dramatically lose weight doing this I lost over 15 lbs. I don’t recommend you do this if you’re already skinny. If you already super skinny this could be very dangerous so always consult your doctor beforehand. You will feel everything I said in the 3 day fast but it will be intensified each day you go after 3 days. You will feel extremely spiritually connected and closer to God than you have ever felt before. You will experience emotions and sensations you haven’t felt since you were a kid, it also feels like your high or under the influence of psilocybin or lysergamides. The 7 day fast will really open you up to what feels like another dimension or closer to death/afterlife. The 7 day fast will do super deep internal work and physical repair on your system if you have a chronic disease or suffer from joint pain or body pain this will help a lot. I believe this has to do with an increase in stem cell production from prolonged autophagy. Your body in my opinion is self-regulating and A self-healing machine if you give your body rest it has the ability to repair and heal its self. Your brain will undergo massive massive clarity and the feeling of enlightenment, your intuition and clairvoyance will be increased. Answers will flow to you, you will be more creative and you will find solutions to the problems you face in your life from a new perspective. Prayer is intensified and you are able to manifest things a-lot faster. From my experience money and abundance flowed in like a waterfall when I underwent a 7 day fast. food takes a-lot of your time and energy when you let go of food your determination, dopamine and discipline skyrockets which leads to more action which leads to more results. I could go on and on about this topic I hope this help’s you understand what to expect and feel doing the 7-day water fast.

Re-feeding : How you break your fast is just as important as how you begin your fast I would say even more important. If you are doing just 1-3 days I would just come back on something light like eggs, chicken, grass-fed meats, vegetables, anything more protein and fat-based. IF you do the full 7 days come back on a liquid meal like a smoothie or salad with healthy fats like avocado, olives, and cheeses. Eat only organic primarly plant based keto coming slowly back to your preferred diet. The last thing you want is to destroy all your mental clarity with heavy proceed carbs. When I broke my 7 days fast I broke the fast with a salad and some grass-fed meats. Be careful not to over eat because your stomach will shrink during the fast and it can be very dangerous to come back and go straight into large meals back to back. When you break your fast your taste, smell and appetite will be at an all-time high so have discipline and don’t over-eat. Come back slowly maybe just have one meal the day and come back like I said eat slowly and chew your food all the way or you will have stomach discomfort. If you found this valuable join my inner circle for more realtime information daily.

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