Change your water change your Life

“Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. ~

Thoughts change water

If more than half of our body and organs are made of water wouldn’t you say it’s crucial that we consume the highest quality water possible? We would never put diesel fuel in a Ferrari or Lamborghini but why do we as humans intake low quality water? Jesus said know ye not that ye are the temple of god.. Today I’ll go over the best form of water to consume daily. I will also go over where to find the best water in stores, outdoors and I will go over the best filters to get in your home.

Source of A Spring

Starting off I tested my California tap water and it tested at around 230 TDS which is in the average range but I am not here to be average and I don’t think you are either. 0-50 is considered high quality when it comes to TDS scores. Arizona tap water on the other hand is around 400-500 TDS which Is awful and at the higher limit. For the past 2 years, I’ve been using a Brita filter, just recently I tested a new Brita filter to find that it only shaves off around 30 TDS from the water which is basically nothing. Also, it’s shown that Brita filters remove 0 fluoride. This is very bad news for me and Brita.


If you are going to drink water make sure your water has low TDS and 0 fluoride. There are websites dedicated to testing all sorts of water on the market and the results are pretty shocking most water bottles have microplastics which shown in lab rats to give them liver disease. What do you think these microplastics are doing to us? Also through the testing, I’ve seen most if not all the water bottles on the market contain high levels of fluoride. I think it’s safe to say most water bottles in plastic are just as bad for you as tap water. 

So you may be wondering where should I turn to? Is any water in stores good? I can say if you are in dire need to drink water after a long hike and you are at a store looking for water go for distilled water or water for babies with no fluoride on the label. Most distilled water has 0-5 TDS so it’s the purest water I’ve seen in stores. 

Now let’s shift to filters, I recommend you look for one, for your home. My top choice is called ZERO WATER it removes all fluoride and TDS in your water with a TDS score of 0 and a ppm at around 20 with my $250 water meter. This gives you the same results as reverse osmosis which is another fantastic choice to look into if you have the budget. My other top countertop filter is called Aqua Tru found on amazon and or any water distiller machine also found on amazon. These are all great starting points if you are looking for a safe filter that has amazing TDS scores. 

Words collapse the wave function

Whats the top top form of water available on this planet? You can find a spring near you on a website called I would look at the comments on the site to make sure it’s a still working spring. They will give you water scores and show you exact GPS coordinates so you can find the spring. Spring water in my opinion is the pinnacle of water, it’s structured and has high hydrogen and low TDS scores if it’s a good spring. Nothing age’s your skin and your brain more than tap water so make sure you get your water checked and get filters. IF you don’t get a filter you will become the filter. If you want to live a long time support your kidneys. An amazing way to do this is drinking water with low TDS scores. 

Your thoughts vibrate and manifest

What’s the potential downside of low TDS scores? When the water has low TDS scores like distilled water it’s void of most if not all minerals, you will want to make sure you have a diet rich in minerals, you can get these from eating a plant-based whole food diet, consuming superfoods, or even adding a pinch of sea salt to your water every once and a while. I would not recommend doing prolonged fasts with just low TDS distilled water. You will need to add electrolytes and minerals to your water if your doing a fast. It won’t be a problem however if you eat clean and get a variety of plants and fruits. 

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