5 Instagram Growth Tips You Are Missing Out On

Tips to Grow Your IG Page To The Moon

Speed Round 8 Fast Tips To Apply Today!
Post consistently (at least once a day)Try videos, live videos, and Stories daily.Study and use quality hashtags.Repurpose content from your top mentors Collaborate with others.Post at your best times found in analytics.Use your analytics to find your most liked type of content.Engage with your fans daily.

1. Post frequently and consistentlyWithout consistent posting, your fans expectations and interests are going to die down quickly. If you post every day but then you skip multiple weeks or for a month, your followers will get confused or have forgotten about you completely, Omni presents is king! If you skip months of posting they also may no longer be following you when you decide to post again.
2. Use a scheduling toolsPosting on a consistent schedule is critical for maximum growth. This is why for steady growth on Instagram, planning ahead and using a scheduling tool is the best way to go. This will save you time and the headache of trying to figure out when to post and what to post! Instagram has a scheduling feature within the Facebook Ads Manager, and there are several other posting tools available, we created one as well found in the Socialflare app which may be even more helpful.
3. Try out Instagram LiveDid you know that82% of peoplewould rather watch an IG live video than see a social media postInstagram Livemakes it super easy and you should give it a try daily. At first, there may not be to many people on but when you begin to do it on a regular basis they will start stacking up fast! 

 4. Partner with other brandsOne of the best ways to grow is to go on IG live with a partner or someone slightly higher than you in followers. This will connect both of your followers giving you more of an opportunity to gain more followers fast. This is like two-for-one marketing because not only are you going to expose your content to your current audience, but an entirely new audience as well through a mutually beneficial partnerships.
5. Run contestsAn Instagram contest is another way to drive even more exposure to your page to grow your account, people love free stuff! Giveaway something within your niche and make it great to give people a giant incentive to want to follow you. 

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